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-This is a simple yet fantastic fighting game.The rule is simple first character to have energy bar at zero  loses via defeated(ko).

-The game has two modes Arcade(single player mode) and Battle(two player mode).Press key 1 to select Arcade on title screen and press key 2 to select Battle.

-On the continue screen press key 1 to accept return(continue) and key 2 to deni return(quit).

-On screens such as Versus screen,Winner screen and How to play screen if you want to skip these press space bar key.

-Player controls can be found on How to play screen.To select a fighter for player 1(red box) press m key and for player 2(blue box) press key 5.

-After selecting fighter choose between two techiques (Vecho finisher and Vecho talent) by pressing space bar key.

-Let the competition begin show all your friends whose boss in this game select your fighter and discover their strength, unique powers and dangerous attacks

-You must download adobe flash player in order to play this game.If you already have it just click on the game to start.

-Please give me feedback on wheather this game was good or not.

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